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So, it seems weight loss is in the air, I have had a number of clients ask me lately specific dietary questions related to weight loss.  Instead of me writing on all the intricacies and mumbo jumbo of how the body responds to nutrients or what is the best diet.  I have attached two significant studies on this topic, one was my master’s thesis and here is a small excerpt from the conclusion that I came up with. The second is from a newly published study out of the New England Journal of Medicine which was featured on NBC Nightly News.  The following is an excerpt from my master’s thesis that drew the same conclusion as the researchers did.


1.  Dansinger L M, Gleason A J, Griffith L J, Selker P H, Schaefer J E. Comparison of the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers and Zone diets for weight loss and heart disease reduction. JAMA. 2005; 293: 43-53.

Dansinger is a medical doctor noted for his expertise in research of obesity and childhood obesity. This study attempted to address the effectiveness of 4 popular diets used for people seeking weight loss and cardiac risk reduction.  The adherence of all diets was assessed on a 1 year assessment of weight reduced and kept off.  Overall dietary adherence rates were low, and subjects who did adhere to any of the four diets had greater weight loss and reduction in cardiac risk factors.  Amount of weight loss was associated with a self-reported dietary adherence level but none with diet type.  For each diet decreasing levels of weight loss were achieved with no significant differences between diets!  This study looks at 4 very popular diets commonly advocated by diet gurus, doctors or lay individuals.  The efficacy between the 4 of them did not differ for results of weight loss.  This indicated that diet type is insignificant pertaining to weight loss as long as a calorie deficit/reduction is achieved.

Click here for the full paper http://www.pbpfit.com/members/Howtoloseweighttherightwayandkeepitoff.php


This one is from NBC nightly news review of what type of diets work for weight loss if you have 3 minutes…watch this video http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/#29395720



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