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Shoulders: Dumbbell


Seated Dumbbell Press

Start: Back against pad, palms facing away from body arms bent at around
90 degree angle

Finish: Press Dumbbells up over head


Standing overhead press

Start: Feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent and arms bent at about right angle

Finish: Press dumbbells up over head


Seated lateral/side raise


Start: Shoulders back against pad, arms bent at a right angle by side

Finish: Raise dumbbells up to side until elbows are level with shoulders 


Front Raise

Start: Feet hip width apart, arms extended in front of thighs

Finish: Raise arms until parralle with floor while keeping shoulders back


Seated Lateral/Side Raise

Start: Feet hip widtha apart, shoulders back and arms extended by side

Finish: Raise arms up to side until dumbbells until level with shoulders


Seated rotator cuff rotation

Start: Seated with back against pad, and arms bent at right angle with elbows kept elevated

Finish: Rotate arms until forearms are parrall with floor, don't allow elbows to
dip below shoulder level


Uni-lateral Overhead press

Start: Seated on bench with back in upright position, feet hip width apart, one arm olding dumbbell at a right angle and other arm held out away from body

Finish: Press dumbbell up overhead until arm is extended while keeping
back in upright position


Uni-lateral one arm side raise

Start: Sitting on bench with feet hip width apart and holding dumbbell to side with arm extended by side, opposite arm held out to side

Finish: Raise dumbbell up to side until wrist is level with shoulder

Arnold Press

Start: Sitting in upright position shoulders back and palms facing torso

Finish: Press up over head while rotating palms outward away from torso, lower weight and during lowering of weight turn palms back facing torso and repeat up again