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General Exercises

Following are samples of basic weight training exercises. J.D."Dawson's" P.B.P. book also contains 77 illustrated exercises, that's ten for each major muscle group plus bonus exercises, instructions, workout tips and helpful diet and nutritional information.

CHEST: Flat barbell press

Start: Lower bar to middle of chest, keeping elbows at a 90 degree angle

Finish: Press straight upwards

Safety tip: Don't arch back, don't bounce bar off chest and don't lock out elbows
Slow, even and controlled movements are more effective


CHEST: Incline dumbbell press

Start: Lower dumbbells to side of chest, keeping arms at a 90 degree angle

Finish: Press straight up above chest

Safety tip: Don't arch back, and don't lock out elbows
Slow, even and controlled movements are more effective

TRICEPS: Dumbbell "skull-crushers"

Start: Lying on bench holding dumbbells with arms extended palms facing each other

Finish: Lower dumbbells to ear level

Safety tip: Don't allow elbows to move past right angle
lower with caution so as to not hit your head


TRICEPS: Bench dips

Start: Arms placed on bench about shoulder width apart and feet extended,
resting on another bench

Finish: Lower body until arms are at right angle

Safety tip: Don't allow body to dip lower past 90 degrees


BACK: Dead lift

Start: Feet hip width apart, arms extended outside of feet and knees bent

Finish: Arms extended lift pull with arms straight, push with legs until body is erect

Safety tip: Don't allow knees to go over toes, bend knees and keep shoulders back


BACK: One arm dumbbell row

Start: Arm extended by side same side arm and leg on bench

Finish: Pull dumbbell to side of torso

Safety tip: Keep arm and leg in contact with bench throughout movement


BICEPS: Standing bar curl

Start: Hold bar with palms up and arms extended

Finish: Raise bar upwards, bringing palms upwards

Safety tip: Slight bend in knees and don't swing or arch back


BICEPS: Seated dumbbell curl

Start: Palms facing up, arms extend by side

Finish: Raise palms upwards and keep elbows close to side

Safety tip: Don't swing dumbbells up and down always control the weight


SHOULDERS: Seated dumbbell press

Start: Palms facing away from body dumbbells between ear level and shoulders

Finish: Pressing straight upwards

Safety tip: Lean chin back


SHOULDERS: Seated lateral raise

Start: Arms straight by side palms facing each other

Finish: Raise arms so wrists are even with shoulders

Safety tip: Don't raise wrists above shoulder level

LEGS: Barbell squat

Start: Standing up with bar on shoulders, feet slightly wider than hip width,
shoulders back, chest out and heels flat

Finish: Lower weight until legs are at a 90 degree angle and keep shoulders back

Safety tip: Don't allow heels to raise of floor, don't allow knees to go over toes, don't round shoulders and don't lockout knees


LEGS: Dumbbell lunge

Start: Step with one leg forward, dumbbells by side, front foot flat
and back foot on ball of foot

Finish: Lower knee to close to floor

Safety tip: Don't allow knee to go over front toe, keep shoulders back
and don't lock out knee 

ABS: Floor crunch

Start: Feet on floor at 45 degree angle, hands behind head and elbows wide

Finish: Raise upwards about 4-5 inches

Safety tip: Don't pull on back of neck

ABS: Reverse floor crunch

Start: Lying on back hands to the side, legs bent at about 45 degrees

Finish: Roll pelvis backwards with knees coming close to shoulders

Safety tip: Relax neck on floor