36 Pittsfield Road
Lenox MA 01240
(413) 637-1414
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Our clients come to the BEST so they can look and feel their BEST!

Why choose Personal Body Precision? 

  • Exercise with proper guidance and avoid injury
  • Don’t waste time with inefficient exercises or routines
  • No membership fees
  • Sanitized, clean and well-maintained facility
  • Professional trainers
  • Towel service
  • Complementary health snacks
  • Private showers and bathrooms
  • State of the art equipment

Personal Body Precision the ELITE in personal fitness training is proud to announce that all fitness programs at PBP are supervised, consulted on or implemented by a CSCS trainer.

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Personal Body Precision private personal fitness training studio
in the Berkshires at 36 Pittsfield Road, Lenox MA 01240.
Studio hours: by appointment only, J.D. Reber owner
Telephone (413) 637-1414
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Weight loss or life long health is not quick or easy!  Show Personal Body Precision the commitment and we guarantee we will guide you to results!

For Whom?

For anybody who wants to improve the quality of their life and feel great!!!
Personal Body Precision trains all types of people, all ages 6-100, housewives, businessmen and women, athletes and many other people striving for health and fitness. PBP stays current with cutting edge training modalities and methodologies come experience what we can do for you!

Knowledge + expertise + results = Personal Body Precision clients

If you would like to avoid flashy gym attire, loud music, fighting for equipment, paying gym memberships and workout interruptions, then PBP can help you!

We are a private personal training studio that specializes in one-on-one fitness and nutrition guidance. We make sure that your workout is specialized for your desired goals to minimize injury and optimize efficiency. We believe every minute of your workout is devoted to creating a better, healthier you!

Learn why conventional methods of exercise may be hurting you!

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Remember, fitness is your foundation for any and all of your life's endeavors.

J.D. Reber

Why conventional methods of exercise may be hurting you!

Today's society has become so technologically advanced we want everything to
be easier. Easier does not mean it is better! The health industry is no
exception because of the demand by consumers, manufactures have designed the
majority of equipment sitting down or lying down using a 2 directional path
of motion. This mass production of 2 directional path movement equipment
(forward and backwards) has performed a service to the manufacturers profits
and a disservice to the person who exercises in today's health clubs.

Strength training on conventional machines does not allow individual user
accommodations such as different sized joints, bones, heights and
flexibility. Numerous research supports that strength training on machines
decreases your body's ability to work with the central nervous system and to
work with vary muscles of the body together, but the manufactures will never
tell you this! To only Strength train on machines, actually detrains your
body to work properly!

No two individuals move the same way; the body is comprised of several
hundred muscles and bones. Joint stability and muscle movement for each
individual will vary. There is no cookie cutter machine for everybody! We
all squat, push, pull, rotate, balance, accelerate and decelerate. We want
to sit to do everything even exercise. However, sitting down and performing
strength training does very little for strengthening the core muscles of the
stomach, back, hips and many assisting muscles of the limbs in multiple
movement paths in a functional/realistic manner.

Using dumbbells, barbells, free motion cable equipment, physio balls,
medicine balls and balance apparatuses that closely correlate to the many
different movement paths of daily human movements will help optimize one's
ability to decrease injury and gives you strength you can use. At Personal
Body Precision we will train your body to work properly wherever/whenever
you need it! Come learn and see more of how we will help you GUARANTEED in the Berkshires in Lenox, MA 01240! J.D. Reber