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Chest Power-Lifting


Board Presses

Having a spotter hold a 2x4, or 2 nailed boards together and resting on your chest, lower the bar to your chest and rest it on the board and explode of the board after it has rested on the board for 1 second and repeat for 3-5 repetitions


Wide grip rack lockouts, shoulder width grip

With the pins set at ¾ to ½ of your arms being locked out, start with the bar resting on pins and explode up, come down rest bar on pins for 1 second and explode up again, speed one workout with 55-65% of max 1 rep weigh doing 3-5 reps and 2-3 reps for max lift 90-95% for alternating workout, don't do each one of these more than 1x a week each.



Presses with chains


Hanging heavy chains of the end of your bar on the bench exercise increases the weight as you go up and decreases on your way down. Explode on the way up! As fast as possible on the way up!

The chains should be about 4-6 feet long and weigh from 15-25 pounds each)