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Allen Harris Professional MMA Fighter

There are too many bullet points to cover in terms of how Personal Body Precision and John Reber have helped me become a better athlete and a better professional fighter, so I will share just two today: boxing concepts and conditioning.

Boxing concepts:  Prior to working with Mr. Reber I had two years of kickboxing experience, so I was no novice.  In just our first few sessions he was able to share with me information and run me through new drills (both of which he was able to draw on from his professional boxing experience) that not only improved my punching power and accuracy, but made even the toughest workouts enjoyable. If you want to learn the “sweet science” then you have found the right place.

Conditioning:  I am 34 years old and up until about a year ago (before I started using the workouts Mr. Reber prepared for me) if you had asked me when I was in the best shape of my life I would have easily said age 19.  Back then I rode my mountain bike about 100 miles per week, I ran cross country up hills almost every morning, I lifted weights every day, and I was insanely meticulous about my diet. 

But this was not just a one-year anomaly.  I had been involved in sports since age 9 and since age 12 read, comprehended, and used more exercise literature than anyone else I had ever met.  Post age 19, I continued to workout with weights, with my mountain bike, playing football, running and ultimately entering professional fighting. 

So from age 19-33 it is not as if I stopped working out, I just didn’t work out as much – but I probably still worked out more than 80% of the US population.  And because I tracked very closely my athletic progress, I knew that I had peaked at age 19.  And for many years I believed that due to age I would never again hit that peak.  But thanks to Personal Body Precision I found out that I can break down what I had perceived to be an age barrier.  In the last year I have not found a teenager or a twenty-something year old that, in terms of conditioning, can out-run me, out-bike me, out-wrestle me, or out-fight me. If you want to rip down age barriers and feel 15-years younger, then you should know that John Reber and Personal Body Precision did that for me. They can do that for you.