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Quote: “In order to be wealthy, you must be healthy”


I have often been asked “what are Kettlebells and are they more effective than dumbbells?”

Pick up a 20lb kettle bell and pick up a 20lb dumbbell and they both weigh the same, they both are fighting gravity equally. 

There are more exercises and safer exercises that you can perform with dumbbells rather than Kettlebells.  The structure of a Kettlebell is similar in size to a mini bowling ball with a handle the shape of an upside down letter u welded to the mini bowling ball.  The reason the dumbbell is safer than the Kettlebell is when you lift a Kettlebell over head you have the handle in your hand and the ball will flip over your hand onto your forearm.  So the mini bowling ball is rested or slammed against your forearm depending on your speed of exercise.  Depending on the experience of the trainee’ some exercises performed can become dangerous because of this flipping effect of the handle and attached ball.  In recent years, Kettlebells have gained a lot of popularity with trainers and trainees’ for no other reason other than the fitness industry is continually trying to keep things new and avoid monotony.  That is not to discredit the use of Kettlebells they can add a nice variety to ones training, if so desired.  But you can do all exercises and then some with a pair of dumbbells.  Paint a dumbbell yellow and call it a bananabell and we have a whole new fad going in the fitness industry called Bannabells!  Does that mean that this Bannabell would not be effective, no! 

For some, the use of a Kettlebell maybe kept them exercising and reaping the health benefits for who might of otherwise quit. 
Do Kettlebells burn more fat?  No
Do kettle bells build more strength or muscle? No
In fact, any exercise you can do with a Kettlebell you can do with a dumbbell! You are more limited with Kettlebell variations than dumbbells in essence there are more exercise you can do with dumbbells than Kettlebells.  And for some the awkward handles on the Kettlebell can place undue stress on the wrist which can incur chance of possible injury.  Does that mean Kettlebells are ineffective? No
In essence, all Kettlebells are is a variation to dumbbells with some limitations to the variety of exercises that one can perform with dumbbells.  So  whether you are picking up rocks, dumbbells or Kettlebells keep on exercising! 



By: J. D. Reber M.S. & B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS & NASM- CFT

Remember, eat healthy and live wealthy!

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