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Stacey Carver

On my wedding day, in July 2003 I weighed 135 lbs., a little over a year later I weighed

162 lbs., the heaviest I had EVER been in my life. I started trying to lose the weight on my own. I had been going to the gym but got so bored with it that I stopped going and eventually stopped working out all together. I tried all kinds of different diets but that wasn't getting me anywhere except heavier because of the yo-yo effect of dieting. I needed something different, something to inspire me to workout and get healthy. Then luckily, I met JD. He taught me a great deal about nutrition and how to eat well but not to deprive myself. His workouts are the most exciting, fun and challenging workouts that I have ever done. I look forward to working out every week. JD taught me how vital good nutrition and exercise are to a long and healthy life. He showed me how to make a complete life change, so that I can keep the weight off and stay healthy! I have now lost 18 lbs. and 12 inches in a very healthy way and am getting closer to my goal every day.