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Kathryn Fahey, Registered nurse

As a woman in my forties, I found myself at a turning point concerning my weight and overall health. I sought out JD for his noted expertise in these areas and I couldn't be happier.  His initial assessments, exercise guidance and diet instructions were better than what I would have received in a doctor's office. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. He is an extremely competent educator and powerful motivator. His quiet, gentle demeanor never changes, however each workout session does. He incorporates new ideas and exercises to hold my interest. He focuses all his attention on his client and makes sure you are using proper form and getting the most benefit for your workout. I have seen a dramatic weight loss along with inches whittled away. My blood pressure is now within normal limits where as before I started with him, I needed medication for it. He has given me back something you cannot put a price tag, on-my self-esteem. Now that takes a special person to be able to give that to someone. He is wonderful! I would recommend him highly to anyone who would like to start with a personal trainer. Thank you JD, for all that you have done.