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Kate Foote

When I saw the ad for Personal Body Precision in the paper, I answered it, hoping a personal trainer could be the answer to my prayers. I'd struggled with my weight and proper nutrition for years and have lost and gained weight so many times, but the difference was I had never been properly trained to exercise with weights, resistance bands, balance and all the great aids J.D. uses to attain a personal program designed just for me. I had misconceptions about my abilities and thought that my knees couldn't withstand exercises like lunges and squats. (I had knee surgery some years ago) After four months of training with J.D., my knees feel better than ever! I also have asthma and when I first began I needed to use my inhaler on several occasions, but I persevered and now my asthma is under control. My breathing is soooo much better. I had used these health issues as excuses why I couldn't exercise for way too long. Crazy to make a list of my ailments, but there may be others out there just like me using all your own excuses as to why you aren't exercising. I also have carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hand and J.D. offers alternate exercises when I am having flair-ups. He's so knowledgeable, professional, understanding and gentle that he won my trust quickly. 

J.D. also gave me a simple to follow healthy eating plan, not a diet, a plan I've been able to follow easily and he encourages me to treat myself and eat whatever I want for dinner once a week, complete with desert. It's worked for me, and I don't feel deprived. I've been successful at losing the weight, inches and lowering my percentage of body fat. After 4 months I am now 34 pounds lighter, 17 inches smaller, and have lost 8% body fat. But most of all, I feel fabulous. I know I still have a ways to go to reach my goal, but with my motivation that I borrowed from J.D. until I gained some of my own, and his guidance, I feel confident I can reach my goal. I first arrived at J.D's gym knowing what I wanted: support, knowledge and a positive experience that would encourage me to continue. This experience has met all of my expectations and more. J.D. is a true gem, a rare find, and I am so grateful to have the advantage of his expertise.