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Quote: “In order to be wealthy, you must be healthy”


The skinny and fat on sugar.

Not all sugar is bad! In a nut shell, high sugar consumption impacts blood sugar and makes you store fat easier and feel hungrier quicker!

The carbohydrate family includes both simple and complex carbohydrates.  Glucose is used as the 100% glycemic index standard for impacting the body’s response to blood sugar.  Sucrose rates at 65, milk or galactose sugar is 43 and fructose fruit sugar is 22.  As you can see fruit will have minimal negative impact on fat storage in your body! This hormone (insulin) is manufactured and secreted by the beta cells of the pancreas.  Glucagon is also taken from the pancreas to prevent blood sugar from fallen too low.  The main role of glucagon is preventing too low blood sugar by breaking down the glycogen in the liver to glucose. 

  1. Once carbohydrates are consumed, when insulin levels are spiked it pulls glucose, amino acids and free fatty acids into cells where energy is stored as fat and glycogen to be used latter.  After one eats carbohydrates the digestive enzymes breakdown the food. 
  2. The blood in the intestines now has an elevated glucose level.  What happens when you have high insulin levels? 
  3. Glucose is the major signal for insulin secretion, insulin then promotes the storage of sugar as glycogen in the liver and muscle. 
  4. Insulin promotes the storage of fat in fat cells as triglycerides.  Insulin also prevents the breakdown of glycogen and fat. 
  5. Insulin will then prevent lipase which is another enzyme that breaks down stored fats. 

As you can see elevated insulin levels helps store fat and prevents fat breakdown for energy sources.

Obese people tend to have elevated insulin levels in both a fasting( non eating) and feeding state (eating) making them fat storage prone all the time.  Eating high glycemic foods alone on a regular basis will put you into a fat storage mode 24 hrs a day.  Do not avoid carbohydrates they are not bad.  Carbohydrates are very, very good and a vital nutrient for good health.  Additionally they can be high in fiber, whole wheat, rye, fruits and vegetables are low on the glycemic index and high in fiber.  Fiber slows down the digestion process helping you feel fuller longer as well as many other health benefits.  Carbohydrates that are refined sugars will have a high glycemic index rating.  Processed carbohydrates enriched wheat or grain flour, any white carbohydrates are all certain to be high glycemic index raters and contributors to fat storage.  So, keep eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables which are high in fiber impact your blood sugar minimally, gives you lots of long lasting energy, and minimizes fat storage.  Avoid processed flour and high sweet foods and you will be on your way to healthy eating!

By: J. D. Reber M.S. & B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS & NASM- CFT


Remember, eat healthy and live wealthy!

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