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Quote: “In order to be wealthy, you must be healthy”


How can I avoid cancer?


Avoiding red meat and processed meats is your first and possibly most effective start!  Scientific evidence is mounting that eating mostly fruits, vegetables and grains combined with regular exercise and weight control can help significantly lower your chance of cancer and also cut the recurrence of cancer.  There is never any age that it is too late or too early to begin implementing good foods and avoid toxic foods for your health and body.  The American institute for cancer research states that the consumption of red meat can raise your risk for colon cancer significantly.  One theory is the consumption of red meat gives rise to harmful byproducts that cause problems to cells lining the colon cancer production.  The high sulfur content of this bacteria content from meat produces hydrogen sulfide which is toxic to colon cells.  Another group of bacteria convert bile acids from red meat and processed meats into cancer components, which the body synthesizes from red meat.  Deadly stomach cancers have also been linked to high consumption of processed meats.


Processed meats like hot dogs, sausage, bacon, bologna and other lunch meats contain cancer causing chemicals called nitrosamines.  A study in the International Journal of Cancer found that over an 18 year study of 61,000 people eating 3 or more servings a week of processed meats was associated with 66% higher risk of stomach cancer.  Individuals who ate 1.5 servings or fewer a week researchers found no link from processed meats and red meat.  Vegetables like broccoli and others like cabbage, kale, cauliflower and brussels sprouts are strong anti cancer foods.  They are full of substances known as glucosinolates and isothiocyanates.  The chewing of plant cells releases glucosinolates and converts to protective isothiocyanates.  One dietary questionnaire study in the Journal of Nutrition substantiated a 65% chance over a 2-7 year period for developing cancer.  Remember you do not have to completely sacrifice all your cravings of your favorite foods but if you can on a weekly basis shoot for the majority of good foods and the minority of processed meats and red meat you will be increasing your chances for better health and decreasing your chances for disease!


.By: J. D. Reber M.S. & B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS & NASM- CFT


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Remember, eat healthy and live wealthy!

Personal training in Lenox, MA