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Back: Barbell

Bent-over-barbell row

Start: Feet hip width apart, legs slightly bent and butt out, arms extended holding barbell

Finish: Pull bar up to stomach region while keeping back stationary in position of starting point

Barbell corner row

Start: Place barbell in corner of wall, bend legs slightly between bar,
holding arms in front of pelvis extended


Finish: Raise barbell up to pelvis keeping at about 45 degrees


Conventional Dead-lift

Start: Feet hip width apart, arms extended just outside of shins, one hand under-handgrip and one hand over grip legs bent at about a right angle

Finish: Raise up pushing with feet and pulling with arms keeping arms extended throughout the movement complete by pulling shoulders back at top of movement

Tip-keep heels flat during lifting phase off ground


Standing Good Mornings

Performed with either both legs bent or straight

Start: Feet slightly wider than hip width apart, bar rested on top of back with

shoulders and back arched slightly


Finish: Lean forward while keeping shoulders pulled back until torso is

close to parrall with floor

Seated Good Mornings


Start: Seated on bench with legs bent at about 90 degrees and shoulders pulled back while bar is rested on top of back

Finish: Lean forward until chest is almost parallel with bench, keeping shoulders pulled back


 Standing Shrugs

Start: Feet hip width apart, arms extended shoulder width, holding shoulders back

Finish: Pull shoulders up while keeping arms extended-straight, try to raise shoulders to ears

Upright Row

Start:Feet shoulder width apart, arms extended about 6 inches apart with overhand grip

Finish: Pull bar up under chin while keeping shoulders back