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Quote: “In order to be wealthy, you must be healthy”


How can I eat healthy and exercise when I am on the road all the time?


Living healthy and eating healthy does not have to become so entrenching that it seems too cumbersome to achieve, simplicity is the key.  Whether you are on the road or at home, sticking to the basics can ensure success in your role of ultimate health and weight management.  It is not easy but approaching the obstacles with proper deviations can help you be successful and not be succumbed to unhealthy living. 

Follow these 10 steps for success!

Rule #1 When asking for something to be grilled not fried be careful that they are not hosing down the grill with butter, ask for another option or skip that part even though it may taste and look good your heart and weight will thank you from the extra 200-1000 calories you may consume. 

Rule #2  Always think whole grain or whole wheat, look on the ingredients if the first ingredient does not say whole grain or whole wheat choose another option.

Rule # 3.  Add at least one fruit and one vegetable to all your meals and snacks, and take a piece of fruit from your meal for an “on the road” emergency healthy snack.

Rule # 4.  Be careful of any extra dressings ask how something is prepared.  If they can not prepare without dressing you maybe better off to avoid.  Most dressings are loaded with extra calories and the “evil” high fructose corn syrup which is one of the biggest contributors to obesity a chemical sweetener, worse than sugar.

Rule # 5.  Even McDonalds has good choices, yes I have been in a jam a number of times and had to eat. The closest to me and the only place I saw was McDonalds.  They have grilled chicken on a salad which actually tastes good when you are in a pinch.

Rule # 6.  Do not be afraid of eating ½ or even ¼ of the servings they provide you with.  Most places will serve you 2-3x more food than you really need.  This will cause you to overeat, shoot up your blood sugar levels and have you not eat for hours again at a time.  Remember, eating frequently is much better than gorging and not eating for 5-7 hours again.  The smaller frequent eating really helps with stabilizing your blood sugar levels to help not store body fat and become ravenous at your next eating.

Rule # 7 Do not drink your calories!  Drink calorie free choices, water being your best choice as boring as it may seem it is a very good choice for your body!

Rule # 8  Think good fats, try to consume your omega-3 fats which are good for heart, blood vessels and the nervous system= fishes, fish oil, flax seeds, walnuts and almonds.

Rule #9 Exercise, Exercise and Exercise.  If you do not have access to a gym go for a vigorous walk or run.  Perform calisthenics, this can be a great form of resistance training to tax your muscular system, push ups, squats, jump squats, sit ups, crunches and on, on.

Rule # 10 Do not throw in the towel just because you have a obstacle many people are successful on the road with very little ability to cook or have access to exercise equipment etc.  Make the best out of your scenario and do not beat yourself up or give up follow the previous 9 rules.  Follow these 10 steps and you will be on the healthy road to living healthy on the go!


By: J. D. Reber M.S. & B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS & NASM- CFT



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Remember, eat healthy and live wealthy!

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