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Sam Touhey


I've been working with J.D. at Personal Body Precision for the past 3 1/2 years, and have been completely impressed with the attitude and the advanced concepts that J.D. has brought to the table. Within the past 3 years with J.D.'s guidance, I have taken off fat and gained muscle mass, increased all of my main lifts drastically and tightened my core, learned how to maintain a near perfect diet, and have gained an incredible amount of knowledge in workouts and different exercises.  My bench has increased to 300lbs, squat over 400lbs. and power clean to 225lbs. Working with J.D. is something I look forward to every week, and I thank him for helping me achieve all of my goals and more! If you are looking for someone with a great attitude and personality that can put together the perfect fitness program for you, you need to look into training at Personal Body Precision.