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Igal Moria

Let me tell you what I think of JD: he is the BADDEST trainer in New England. And here's the proof: I came to him, some time in May of 2004, looking like the dork in the picture on the left. 12 weeks later, I looked like the picture on the right. Not exactly Arnold, I admit, but quite a change for someone who is 50 years old and for whom the biggest exertion was pushing a pen across paper.

Now it's true that it's my achievement: JD did not lift weights for me, neither did he diet for me. I had to do those things myself. But without his guidance, encouragement, support, know-how, focus, dedication and commitment I would have not been able to do it. Not in a 100 years. Plus, JD provides a wonderful personal example. He is a great athlete and a fabulous body builder. As I said-he's the baddest trainer around.

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