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Dr. Gray Ellrodt

"As a cardiologist committed to health and fitness I found myself at a crossroads about 2 years ago. Although I had run dozens of marathons and considered myself to be aerobically fit, I knew that the science of wellness and healthy aging supported a far more balanced approach to training and true physical well being. The science told me that focus on ideal weight, strength, (particularly core), balance and flexibility were essential. I knew the prescription but this could not be filled at my local pharmacy. Thru my wife I discovered JD Reber and Personal Body Precision.

In 2 years I have lost 20 pounds, measurably improved my strength, flexibility and balance and feel more fit than any time in my life. And the most amazing part is I have enjoyed every minute (OK, there have been a few tough moments!). Balanced fitness can be attained and can be fun!! You just need a prescription for JD Reber and Personal Body Precision. Take as directed!"