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Testimonial from From Edward Pelkey

I was interested in finding a trainer who offered boxing instruction/ training who could teach and challenge me in the “sweet science”.  After trying a few different options, I discovered Personal Body Precision. In my initial workout, it became evident how much JD Reber could offer in my training and fitness. Reber has an excellent background in fitness and boxing in particular, with professional boxing experience.  Over the last 14 months, I have made great progress in my overall fitness and boxing technique, not to mention; mental well being.  JD is very diligent in the attention he pays to his clients, mindful of injuries or limitations. One thing is certain, no matter which direction you travel from to his gym, JD will remind you that you passed “Easy Street” along the way.  His workouts are intense, varied and creative. I have never once left his gym feeling as if I haven’t gotten my money’s worth.  JD and Shannon create a great atmosphere at Personal Body Precision and offer the pinnacle in fitness training.