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Quote: “In order to be wealthy, you must be healthy”


What is blood pressure and how can I limit my chances for worsening my blood pressure (BP)?

Blood pressure measures the internal blood force exerted against your blood vessel walls.  When your heart contracts and pumps blood to your body this is your systolic blood pressure the top number of your BP.  When your heart rest between contractions this is your bottom number of you BP called diastolic.  It is very normal to have a fluctuating BP depending on foods digested, emotional stress, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, drugs etc.  Striving for a BP of 120/80 is ideal for most people. 

The higher your numbers the increased chances you risk of developing heart disease complications and even death.   The higher the numbers, the harder your heart has to work to force/pump blood through the blood vessels of your body to distribute to areas throughout the body.  By maintaining a healthy weight the less your heart has to work, the higher your weight the more blood your heart has to pump to supply all your tissues with oxygen and nutrients. In general, usually for every couple pounds one loses they can expect to lower their BP by 1 point. 


Avoid high fat foods such as: saturated fats, trans fats and high sodium foods.  Trying to reduce stress will help limit your heart working to hard with your BP.  Avoid smoking, nicotine makes your heart work harder by constricting your blood vessels and increasing your heart rate and blood pressure.  Some of the oxygen carried by your blood is replaced with carbon monoxide in the cigarette smoke, thus making your heart work harder. 


Remember, little by little you can ease the work your life pump has to do through reducing consumption of high fat foods, sugary foods and increasing exercise.


By: J. D. Reber M.S. & B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS, NASM- CFT, C.Y.F.T.


Remember, eat healthy and live wealthy!

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