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Triceps Dumbbell


One arm kickbacks


Start: Place same arm and leg on bench, raise opposite elbow high bent at right angle

Finish: Keeping elbow from lowering or swinging raise dumbbell up


Palms facing French Press

Start: Lying flat on bench, arms extended over chest and palms facing each other

Finish; Lower dumbbells to side of ears, to about right angle while elbows stay stationary


Seated Over head Extension

Start: Sitting on bench with torso in upright position and feet at right angle while holding dumbbell behind head in right angle position

Finish: Raise dumbbell up overhead extending arms while keeping torso in right angle position


Floor French Presses

Start: Lying on floor with arms extended and palms facing each other

Finish: Lower dumbbells to floor next to ears, rest dumbbells on floor and
explode off floor upwards and repeat


Seated Two arm Dumbbell Kickbacks

Start: Arms bent at right angle and palms facing each other torso slightly leaning forward

Finish: extend arms backwards while palms face each other