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Legs: Barbell


Start: Feet slightly wider than hip width apart, heels flat, shoulders back and
bar on upper part of back

Finish: Squat down to a right angle, keeping shoulders back, heels flat, butt out and not allowing knees to go over toes or heels raise up



Start: One foot stepped out and back foot on ball of foot, front foot should be flat at
all times, shoulders back and bar rested on top of back


Finish: Squat down with feet split until back knee is a few inches from floor and keeping shoulders back, keep front foot flat and on ball of back foot

Stiff leg Dead-lifts

Start: Feet hip width apart, shoulders back and arms extended, keeping legs straight

Finish: Lower bar to mid-level of shins, keeping arms and legs straight and
sticking butt out while back stays flat



Exercise photos courtesy of Studio 21